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Where do you go for inspiration in the realm of philanthropy? In our Global 20 series we are sharing 20 interviews with thought leaders in philanthropy who are pivotal in shaping a better world and implementing strategic and systemic change.

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Global Philanthropic

Unlocking the power and potential of global philanthropy

To celebrate our 20th anniversary we are sharing 20 interviews with inspirational thought leaders who are orchestrating change in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.


Monday Mar 11, 2024

Released on International Women's Day 2024, our latest Global 20 interview offers a timely reflection on the ongoing struggle for gender equality and celebrates the transformative efforts of women like Srishti Bakshi.
In this interview, Srishti sheds light on her remarkable journey in women's rights activism. The narrative unfolds with Srishti’s decision to leave corporate success behind and embark on a 3800km trek across India, championing equity for women globally. Her innovative use of art and digital media, including the creation of the award-winning documentary 'Women Of My Billion', underscores the power of technology in amplifying philanthropic initiatives. Delve into the full interview to uncover the depth of Srishti's narrative and explore the transformative potential of digital philanthropy.

Thursday Dec 07, 2023

This thought-provoking Global 20 interview with Dr Ruth A Shapiro, Co-founder and CEO of Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS), provides a comprehensive overview of Asian philanthropy, its very particular characteristics, challenges, and the potential it holds for shaping a sustainable future.
The conversation delves into the unique aspects of Asian philanthropy, including the strong influence of government and the significant role of family businesses. The community-centric approach of Asian philanthropists, focusing on relationships and addressing specific community needs, is discussed in fascinating detail.

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

Ultimately, all it takes to achieve a brighter future for the planet is a shifting of our collective thinking and actions as a human family. But where to begin?
Author and activist Cindy Forde is starting young by enlightening children about important environmental issues and how they can be mitigated and fixed. In doing so, she is helping to prevent the burden of despair that can come with being born into a world that is facing possibly the most challenging periods of human history. Cindy’s captivating book ‘Bright New World’ takes a child’s hand and guides them through the kind of world we can have.
In this Global20 interview she talks to our Group CEO, Ben Morton-Wright, about the need to operate in line with the planetary boundaries. Explaining how intervention and digital innovations can be supported by philanthropy and radical collaborations, Cindy's interview is extremely powerful and instills hope for a more optimistic and positive future.

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

As the Pacific Ocean transitions from a three-year cooling period known as 'La Niña,' during which the highest temperatures ever recorded were observed, it is now entering an 'El Niño' phase, causing a rise in temperatures once again.
In this Global 20 interview, Robin Millington, the CEO of Planet Tracker, emphasises the role philanthropic funding can play in addressing the challenges related to food supply, and highlights the increasing responsibility of large food companies in the face of climate change-driven pressures on our food production.

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

The role of a philanthropy advisor guides philanthropists through all the options, yet it can be likened to a film producer - behind the scenes, often unknown, yet integral to a blockbuster movie! In this Global 20 interview, our CEO and Founder Ben Morton-Wright talks to Emma Beeston about her new book 'Advising Philanthropists', which she co-authored with Beth Breeze.
They discuss the emergence of philanthropy advising as a not-at-all fluffy profession, unpack how the sector is evolving with collective collaboration and Emma’s optimism for the younger generation creating impact with their lives.

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

In this deeply compelling Global 20 interview, Dr Doug Gurr, Director of the Natural History Museum in London, talks to Global Philanthropic's Chairman, Iain Rawlinson, about his journey from the corporate to non-profit world, the ground-breaking work measuring the pristine natural biodiversity on the Earth’s surface, and the pressing challenges posed by the threat of a sixth mass extinction.

Friday Aug 25, 2023

In this Global20 interview Douglas Gautier, CEO and Artistic Director of Adelaide Festival Centre, talks about how philanthropy has contributed to the arts and culture in Australia, examines the role of corporates in arts philanthropy and asks what advice he would give to philanthropists who may be wondering how to have the greatest impact with their support of the arts.

Thursday Aug 24, 2023

Did you know, around the world nearly 2.5 billion people rely on land for their livelihoods? Yet many do not have the tenure to their land necessary to thrive.
In this interview, we hear from Landesa’s Chief Development Officer, Mark Ruffo, who explains why they don’t accept government funding, their capacity building in the Global South and how they are uniquely positioned to help 400 million rural women realise the benefits of strength and land rights by 2027.

Thursday Aug 24, 2023

Recent times have seen a massive jump in the amount of data and insights available. Quality research data is providing powerful and indisputable evidence, none more so in the philanthropic sector than that from Philanthropy Impact.
In this interview their CEO John Pepin delves in to the sometimes-confusing terminology used in philanthropy, HMRC's research on giving trends and what philanthropists really expect from their advisors.

Thursday Aug 24, 2023

Over the last 30 years, Dame Stephanie Shirley CH, businesswoman and philanthropist has given away almost £70 million to good causes.
In this interview, Dame Shirley talks about the important role of women in philanthropy, Venture Philanthropy, and how she approaches and focuses her giving, investing strategically in projects that will benefit from her time or insight, as well as her money, to maximise positive outcomes.

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